Microsoft Men Enthuse About Xbox One's Controller for Seven Action-Packed Minutes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's willing house servant Major Nelson has recorded a comprehensive video about the Xbox One's controller, joining Xbox general manager Zulfi Alam for an informal marketing presentation chat all about the new console's pad.

They spend a long time talking about the Xbox One controller's d-pad, seeing as it was one of the few dodgy components users disliked in the otherwise awesome Xbox 360 controller. Then they talk about the triggers and their new rumble tools. Then the USB port is addressed. Then they talk more. And more. It's probably exciting to some people. Some people may even make it all the way though.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has confirmed that, as with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One controller will be able to be used on PC if you plug it in via USB, although for some reason this functionality won't be unlocked until later in 2014. [Giz US, YouTube]