Microsoft Says Kinect Hasn't Provided a "Rich Enough" Experience... Yet

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's sort of admitted that Kinect has never really been the wonderful experience its executives make it out to be, with a UK exec suggesting the company -- and gamers -- have been disappointed with what the motion sensing device has managed thus far.

Speaking to Techradar at a UK Xbox One event, Microsoft's UK marketing director Harvey Eagle said: "The [previous Kinect] experiences haven't been as rich as we would have hoped so we're changing that and that's why we bundled it with the Xbox One and why we believe it's integral to the box."

And to be fair, Microsoft does have form for pushing through with things in this manner. The original Xbox launched with an Ethernet socket on it way back when most people were still using dial-up modems, so perhaps Kinect, and the idea of chit-chatting with your games machine, is something that may still become wildly popular. [Techradar]