Microsoft Seeks Crack Online Troll-Hunters to Help Clean up Xbox Live

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's launched a weird new, semi-comic anti-trolling measure it calls Enforcement United, a tool designed to let Xbox Live Gold subscribers spend their days trawling through online content for signs of abusive behaviour.

Initially, users who meet the requirements to join the Truth Force will be set the task of filtering through Xbox Live user Gamertags, giving them a thumbs-up or thumbs-down depending on whether they meet the Xbox Live guidelines or not. Bad user names that get thumbed-down by a large number of hunters will be passed on to the next stage of Microsoft policing for a more thorough probing.

And as well as a vague feeling that you're doing a good thing and heading in the right direction in life in general, credit earned from doing this will contribute to your Xbox Community Level, a new metric Microsoft's introducing to let players more easily determine the online good guys from the ever-growing army of meanies.

Gamers need to be over 18 and in possession of an active Gold account and a decent Gamerscore level to sign up as a digital Troll Hunter. [Forbes]