Mini Space-Saving PCs, Which You Can Squeeze Into Any Nook or Cranny

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Well, almost any nook or cranny. Years ago, you needed a great hulking desktop of a thing if you wanted huge power and performance. Now though, computers like Lenovo's Ideacentre Q190 are so compact they can even be attached to the back of your monitor, freeing up desk space for approximately six cold mugs of half-drunk tea, and an array of Post-Its.

That Q190 doesn't scrimp on performance just to save a bit of space, before the thought enters your mind. With Full HD graphics-support, and Dolby 7.1 support, it's a media-consuming machine. It even plays nice with flatscreen TVs, if you'd rather hook it up via HDMI for the full media centre experience (we'd recommend the optional wireless remote control, too.)

Another space-saver in the Lenovo family is the ThinkCentre m92p Tiny, which packages up to 16GB of RAM with Intel's Core i7 processor, meaning Windows 8 runs smooth as butter. Add the fact it can support up to 1.5TB of HDD or a faster option of 128GB of SSD, and you've got something which would make that hulking beige box of yesteryear sob into its hanky with envy.

Both the m92p and Q190 come with the option of an optical drive unit for playing DVD or Blu-ray flicks, or installing disc-based software from.

While Lenovo's got a raft of other computing products to choose from, we just want to draw your eyeballs to one more space-saving model -- the IdeaCentre A720, which is the one for those who can't help but touch finger to monitor. The 27-inch touchscreen may take up a lot of space horizontally (making it ideal for those bed or sofa-based movie marathons), but given it's only 18mm thick, there's no need to shift those six mugs of cold tea just yet.

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