New GTA V Trailer is Apparently the *Official* GTA V Trailer

By Gary Cutlack on at

Developer Rockstar hasn't exactly been overly secretive about GTA V, with all manner of screenshots, videos and previews emerging in recent months, giving us plenty of things to get excited about ahead of the blockbuster game's September 17th release. This, however, is the official trailer. Or as some might say, the advert.

There's quite a lot of exposition in this one, with Rockstar keen to demonstrate the story and character aspects of its new adventure in its TV spot. The pace of the editing soon picks up, though, with the final 30 seconds showing us diving bells, explosions, sky diving, helicopters, fighter planes and a general Die Hard level of urban destruction.

Is it, all in all, quite exciting. Get listening to the soundtrack in preparation. [YouTube]