New Local Banking Crisis Triggered by IT Man Forgetting to Renew Domain

By Gary Cutlack on at

It seems that good old human forgetfulness is just as likely to take out the UK's banking infrastructure as today's high-profile hacking attempts, thanks to Cydesdale and Yorkshire banks losing connectivity for a few days after their owner forgot to renew a critical domain name in time.

It wasn't actually a customer-facing domain that brought down Cydesdale and Yorkshire bank's online services for a short time, but an expired domain the technical system used to manage the systems and serve content. As an anonymous technician from the company told Computerworld: " is registered with Easyspace, along with several others, but the domain on their DNS servers, which is, is managed directly by the NAB Group – that’s the domain name they didn't renew in time."

National Australia Group, which ironically owns the two local UK banks, claimed a "systems update" broke the service for its customers, although it might want to change that to a "complete balls up." [Computerworld]