New Nexus 7 Hit by Touchscreen, GPS and Keyboard Complaints

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some early buyers of Google's new Nexus 7 tablet are finding plenty of holes to pick, with users reporting problems with the machine's GPS signals, phantom touches registering on the display and keyboard problems that, according to one user, impact on the tab "almost to the point where it is unusable."

A fair number of buyers are registering problems with the screen's touch sensitivity and keyboard over on theĀ Google Product Forums, with the issue seemingly something to do with the sensitivity and accuracy of the mult-touch input. Resets and safe mode booting aren't fixing it, leaving some buyers rather annoyed with their new purchases.

Meanwhile, issues with the new tablet's GPS are also being reported, with users claiming the satellite connection drops after a few minutes. Is it early adopters trying too hard to find fault, or another case of a product being launched before it's properly ready for the public's clumsy fingers? [Google Product Forums via KYM]