No More Landline and Broadband Downtime When Switching ISPs, Says Ofcom

By Gary Cutlack on at

Phone industry regulator Ofcom is planning to simplify the rules covering switching landline and broadband providers, which should streamline the process and make the nightmare scenario that is losing your internet for a bit a thing of the past.

The main change will be that there will soon be one point of contact between you and your new ISP, which will handle the process by itself. This means there won't be any more to-ing and fro-ing with requests to leave your current ISP, with one call to your new provider hopefully enough to get it all in motion.

The old method of contacting your old ISP to request a switch or termination also made it less likely users would switch, plus it gave the old provider a chance to delay the request or faff about with new offers. The plan is that switching will be easier and seamless, so we'll do more of it in pursuit of the best deals. [Ofcom via The Register]

Image credit: Engineer from Shutterstock