O2 Prices up its 4G Plans and SIMS Ahead of UK LTE Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2's crunched the numbers and compiled a little chart, giving us all the data needed to work out whether its 4G SIM deals are any good or not. And starting at £26 for a SIM-only plan and 1GB of 4G data, they're not disastrously expensive.

As we saw with EE's 4G contracts, all of O2's 4G price plans offer unlimited minutes and text messages, even for those just taking up a SIM without a phone.  The only differentiator is how much data you want, with O2 deciding that 1GB, 5GB and 8GB are the three sizes of internet that suit us all best. A full 8GB SIM costs £36 and requires you to commit to a 12-month contract.

Although, seeing as we're in exciting introductory period land, the 5GB and 8GB tiers will be reduced to 3GB and 5GB come the end of October, so ACT NOW if you want to lock in a bit more mobile internet through an O2 SIM.

Those already in O2 contracts can start anew via the O2 Refresh scheme, which decouples the phone from the SIM, getting you a new 4G contract from £22 a month if you keep your existing 4G-friendly mobile. [O2]