O2's 4G Network Now Live in London, Leeds and Bradford, While 4G Vodafone Hits London

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 and Vodafone have flipped four very important switches this morning, with Vodafone launching its 4G network in London, and rival O2 making its superfast LTE service live in London, Leeds and Bradford today. The UK has cautiously pulled out into the middle lane of the mobile world motorway.

In terms of pricing, both networks offer unlimited calls and texts with all their 4G bundles. O2 says its 4G plans start at £26 a month, while Vodafone says its entry level deals also begin at the £26 mark plus it's throwing in all manner of streaming sports and Spotify content to tempt people (in London) into taking up contracts.

Now all that's left is for Three to launch its 4G network, which should happen by December. Hopefully it'll offer something with "unlimited" data to tempt us away from the current limited download options being sold by EE and today's two 4G newcomers. [O2, Vodafone]