Oh My Word, These Next-Gen Graphics Almost Look Better Than the Real Thing

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is it folks. We've hit the uncanny valley and totally careered across it. This amazing demo of the next iteration of the CryEngine from the Crysis folks shows that next-gen graphics are going to look so good, so realistic, that they might even be better than the real thing.

Of course, when developers get down to it they may not be able to spend quite as much time producing the level of detail you see here in rain puddles that dry up, and things like that. But this is a demo to show what the new game engine is capable of and it's incredibly impressive. Watch the water evaporating at the end and tell me that couldn't pass as a real, beautiful timelapse.

Now I genuinely can't wait for the Xbox One and PS4 -- hopefully they'll have the by-product of kicking PC gaming on a bit too, given they all use the same x86 architecture these days. [Crytek via Kotaku]