PayPal's Face-Cheque Payment System Now Live in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small test of PayPal's facial recognition payment system is now live over here, with users able to pay for purchases via a phone app that matches their face with a photo beamed to the shop's cashier.

Users with the PayPal app on their phones are able to check-in when visiting a shop that uses the facial recognition payment tool, a process that then alerts the till operator that a shy person would like to conduct a transaction without talking very much. The cashier sees a photo of the person pop up on their till hardware, which they can match with the actual human walking around the shop.

The bill's then settled through the app, just like that. There's no worry about being short-changed, the cashier touching your hand, or dropping your money on the floor and being laughed at by strangers. Should significantly lessen anxiety when leaving the house.

A few posh shops in Richmond are testing the tech right now, with the existing iOS, Android and Windows Phone PayPal apps already compatible. [BBC]

Image credit: Shop cashiers from Shutterstock