PC Development Legend John "Doom" Carmack Leaves id for Oculus Rift

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the largest brains in computing is now working for Oculus Rift, with the co-creator of the likes of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake lessening his role at id Software to help out at the new VR gaming headset company.

In a statement released by Oculus Rift, Carmack said: "I believe that VR will have a huge impact in the coming years, but everyone working today is a pioneer. The paradigms that everyone will take for granted in the future are being figured out today; probably by people reading this message."

After the announcement, there was a bit of a tense Twitter struggle by his current employers to maintain that they still had claim over a chunk of his talent. Developer id said Carmack isn't leaving entirely and would "continue to provide leadership for our games in development," while publisher Bethesda, which releases id's titles, said: "The technical leadership he provides for games in development at id Software is unaffected." [The Register]