Pigeons and Insects Are On the Menu at Rentokil's Bizarre Pest Pop-Up Restaurant

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rentokil, the company best known for pest control (kill is in the name), is about to launch a one-day-only "Pestaurant" that'll serve things like sweet chilli pigeon burgers, wasabi weaver ants, BBQ grasshoppers, and chocolate dipped bugs, all free to anyone who wants 'em. Yuck.

The pest-filled restaurant will be open from 10.30am next Thursday, August 15th, at One New Change in London (near Mansion House and St. Paul's), if anyone fancies popping by for a free food fill-up.

I know the future of human diet is probably going to be insects, but I really can't even stomach the thought of snacking on crickets or nibbling on ants, even if they are covered in wasabi. I'm going to hang my hopes on lab-grown burgers -- much more palatable if you ask me. Anyone fancy trying Rentokil's free Pestaurant next week? [Rentokil via PRExamples]

Image credit: Insect from Shutterstock