Placeholder BlackBerry Page for iOS and Android BBM Apps Hints at Imminent Launch

By Gary Cutlack on at

BlackBerry's web people made a bit of a faux pas last night, accidentally making a page advertising its cross-platform BBM apps live before time. They pulled it, but it lives on in the form of incriminating screen captures.

The half-broken page with its missing images does at least confirm we'll see BBM arrive for Android and iOS at the same time, which is nice for Android users, plus the FAQ says it's a free download on both platforms. But it's not out yet.

The page also mentions that BBM Voice, BBM Video and a screen sharing tool will arrive later this year, so there's a chance the app may be a little barebones when compared to the Blackberry 10 code when it does eventually arrive on the rival platforms. [CrackBerry]