Police "Body Cams" Make Criminals 90 Per Cent More Likely to Confess Quickly

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats covering the increased use of wearable cameras by police show they do a great job of saving money and reducing paperwork, thanks to thugs more readily admitting their crimes when they know there's video evidence sitting on a copper's chest-mounted SD card.

According to stats pulled together by the BBC, around half of the UK's police forces now equip their street-walking bobbies with wearable cameras, recording their arrests, live, as they happen. Grampian police force, for example, claims this wearable tech increases the likelihood of arrested people admitting their crimes promptly, resulting in admin and processing cost savings of around £125,000 in a year.

Meanwhile, in Hampshire, coppers walk around with tablets, recording data and requesting details of dodgy-looking people while out and about. [BBC]