Printing With the Tap of an NFC Smartphone

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We feel ya -- printers either gobble so much ink you wonder when your loins popped out another mouth to feed, or they just plain don't work, with their numerous error codes and flashing lights. We're not saying NFC will solve all your problems (it certainly can't rub your feet), but in this case, tapping your NFC-enabled smartphone on Samsung's Xpress C410 printer will help cut down on your printer-related woes.

Any content can be transferred over NFC and printed, such as Office docs; Gmail emails; webpages; PDFs, and all manner of images. With Google Cloud support added to the mix too, all web-connected devices can send their printed wares to the Samsung Xpress, over Wi-Fi, and of course, there's always the option of a USB cable if you want to hark back to ye olden days.

But the easiest way has got to include downloading the Samsung Mobile Print app for Android, which will not only let you send documents and photos to the printer, but also tell you if you need to order new ink, and actually enable you to buy it from within the app. You can also scan documents right onto your device, using the same NFC trick that printing takes advantage of.

With support for all NFC-enabled Android devices running 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, it's one of the easiest ways to print at home or in the office. Just keep an eye on visiting friends, and where they tap their NFC smartphones, ok?