Pure Adds £9.99 Offline Music Option and Two New Speakers to Jongo Range

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pure's updating its bonkers bright Jongo multi-room range with two new Wi-Fi-ready speaker models, with its T2 and T4 models set to be joined by an updated Pure Music app to control and manage the playback and streaming services.

The enhanced Pure Connect audio manager app will try to sell users a £9.99 a month subscription tier, which lets owners pin streamed music and playlists to their phones and tablets for offline listening, much like the paid streaming plans offered by Spotify and Google's new All Access system.

As for the new hardware, the £129 20W Jongo T2 and the £199 50W T4 both include support for stereo pairing from launch, letting app users sync audio output within rooms, while the updated iOS app now includes the option to control treble and bass levels from your phone or tablet -- a feature that'll soon appear for Android users too.