Samsung's Galaxy Note III's 5.68-Inch Body Shows Up In Crime Scene Photos

By Kat Hannaford on at

Samsung has left us a note (cough) ahead of its big Berlin reveal at IFA next week, with a purported Galaxy Note 3 display leaking out this week via the guts supplier ETradeSupply. What can we glean from this crime scene photograph? It appears the display will measure 5.68-inches, edging out last year's 5.5-inch efforts. Big news.

While the exact specs won't be announced until next week, it's looking like a surefire thang that Samsung will be keeping the phablet arm of its Note range sub-6-inches, to avoid confusion between its tablet range of Notes, plus of course the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega. Because we're definitely not confused already. No, not at all. Sigh.

However disinterested I, ond others, may be in Samsung's perpetual tidalwave of Galaxy products, there's no disputing they're selling by the millions. Rumours about this latest phablet having the ability to shoot 4K video, and it being stuffed with 3GB of RAM, will likely intensify the hype-show.

All shall be revealed on the 4th of September, at Samsung's IFA conference. Samsung, we're girding our loins in anticipation. [ETradeSupply via TechRadar]