Scottish Police Join Twitter Abuse Debate by... Abusing Newsnight Guest

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rather than standing up for victims of online abuse, Police Scotland has actually been dishing it out, with the police force having to apologise for an offensive tweet it made toward columnist and broadcaster Toby Young.

Admittedly Toby Young is one of the people perhaps most deserving of all the many forms of abuse, but still. You don't expect it to come from a police force. Police Scotland was commenting on Young's appearance on Newsnight, where he was speaking about Twitter "trolls" with MP Stella Creasy, who's a recent high profile victim of online abuse herself.

Young was so offended he said: "Just had to blockĀ @policescotland, the official police Scotland twitter feed, for abusing me on twitter." We're not sure what the police force said to/about him in the first place, as the apparently offensive tweet appears to have been deleted. But we can guess. [BBC]