Self-Harm Your Way to a Better Future With Burning Knife Surgery

By Gary Cutlack on at

Superstitious Japanese folk have come up with a novel way of guaranteeing themselves a more fortunate future, by cutting more favourable life lines into the palms of their hands with hot knives.

The fate-correcting surgery is being offered by the Shonan Beauty Clinic in Japan, which, for a fee of around £700, will cut newer and more fortunate lines into the palms of your hands. Surgeon Takaaki Matsuoka tried using metallic and laser scalpels, before finally settling on a hot metal option to leave the best scars.

Matsuoka's clinic has performed more than 30 of these oddball surgeries over the last three years, with the surgeon saying he has to "make a shaky incision on purpose" to leave a better and more convincing line on the hands of his patients. [The Daily Beast via io9]