Shooting Challenge #20 (Golden Hour) — The Winner Is…

By Martin Snelling on at

For the last Shooting Challenge we set you the very simple task of capturing Golden Hour -- that magic time between night/day and day/night where the light is softer and diffuses more due to the angle of the sun, which means colours are warmer and more golden.

Before I reveal this week's winner, I must say thanks as always to those that took the time to get out and shoot some cracking images -- you're all winners in my eyes!

Given that Golden Hour is tops for shooting outside, it's slightly ironic that this week's winning image was taken inside.

Congratulations, and an LED watch courtesy of Tokyoflash goes to Abbie Turner for her fantastic image of the evening outside her local taproom (pub) shot on her iPhone from the other side of the glass. While the image is quite busy, it isn't cluttered or messy; everything has its place within the frame. For me this is a great alternative take on the conventional magic hour landscape photograph. It has nice warm colours, and a good contrast with the flowers and bottles separating inside and out. I also like the lightbulb reflection against the tree outside.

The image was shot as-is, and no post-processing has been done to it whatsoever. I'm sure my winning choice will not be everyone's pint of lager, but for me, it was on-brief and I like it.

Other entries I liked? Well, just take a gander below.

George Phillips, who shot this near Chew Valley Lake while driving back from Exmoor, on an Olympus PEN EPL1 with the standard 14-41mm lens. A bit of post-processing was done using Snapseed on his iPad Mini.

Neil Wallace shot this during a walk on the Malvern Hills, using a Nikon D3100 and a 35mm lens.

All the entries can be seen on our Flickr page, so go check 'em out and tell us your favourite. All the submissions have been included, although a couple were excluded from being in for a chance at winning, as they broke the rules.

There will be another Shooting Challenge next week with another doozy prize up for grabs -- please note there will be one major change to the rules next week; no post-processing allowed. That's how good the prize is.