Shooting Challenge #21 (World In Motion) - The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

In the last Shooting Challenge, I set you the task of capturing motion in the world around you. We received some fantastic entries and many of you clearly spent a long time thinking, planning and executing the brief to produce some cracking images.

Now, before I reveal the winning entry and some of my personal favourites, I feel I must once again tell you about the importance of reading the rules and ensuring your entries adhere to them. We had a virtual postbag full of entries for this Shooting Challenge but many of them were disqualified for one or more reasons. And as there was a fantastic iPad 4 up for grabs courtesy of our chums over at giffgaff, I had to be super-tight with the rules.

So, on to the winner...Congratulations (and an iPad 4) goes to Steven Giblin for his "Not too fast... not that furious..." photograph. For me, there were so many things to love about this image; the composition, the colours, the reflection and of course the sense of movement -- it fits the brief perfectly. On top of that, Steven clearly thought long and hard about what he wanted to achieve.

Here's how Steven got the shot:

"Canon T2i (550D) with EF50mm f1.8 lens.

For this challenge, I joined my GoPro suction-cup mount and the mount from the top of my tripod to create a suction-cup mount that isn't limited to holding a GoPro camera.

Cautiously, I tested my frankenmount (with T2i installed) on a window and gave it a good ol' shake around to see if it's sturdy enough to be installed on the side of my car. Test successful.

I took my Macbook Pro and a USB cable with me so I could use it as a viewer and remote control from within the car. I installed the mount onto the side of my Ford Focus and took a few test shots. After I was happy with the settings (ISO100, 5s, f9), I set off a few rounds while driving slowly around town. The best shot I got was this one, which was actually during the U-turn I made when I decided to head back home.

The other shots were ok but they weren't what I was looking for. I was limited to using a small lens due to weight restrictions, meaning I was using my 50mm lens, otherwise I would have went for something wider. I simply couldn't trust the mount with anything heavier."

Well done Steven, a worthy winner I think you'll agree.

As is customary, big shout outs must go to the following people:

Stuart Thomas -- I loved the subject matter, thought process and composition an awful lot.

Luke Thompson -- I really liked Luke's take on light trails idea with the use of a model reading while the world rushes past.

Andrew Adams -- another great idea to capture motion.

You can see all of the non-disqualified entries over on our Flickr account; which one is your favourite?

Thanks again to everyone that took the time to send in a photograph for this Shooting Challenge; there will be another one next week so get those camera batteries on charge, and remember to read the rules more closely next time if you want a chance of actually winning.