Smiley Face Emoticon Tweet Earns Policeman a Disciplinary

By Gary Cutlack on at

Whoever was left in charge of the Sussex Police Twitter account this week won themselves an unfortunate bollocking, after they dared to respond to a sarcastic question about corruption within the force with a simple smiley-face emoticon.

The reply from Sussex Police was in response to a question posted about its management of the fracking protests that have blown up in the area, where a member of the public asked if coppers would be donning plain clothes disguises to infiltrate protest groups and "fathering children with them," in a reference to the long-running undercover policing scandals that have hit other forces.

The Twitter duty attendant's smiley face emoticon response was deemed inappropriate, as it sort of hinted that people might like sex and that police officers might have a sense of humour. Warnings have been issued. Fun is not to be had while on duty. Or ever again. By anyone. [Guardian]

Image credit: Emoticons from Shutterstock