Smoko E-Cigarettes Video Review: Absinthe, Roast Chicken, and Chocolate Cigs, Anyone?

By Kat Hannaford on at

Any time I find myself having a down day at work (unruly commenters; numerous spreadsheets...), I'm just going to remind myself that I've got the kind of job where I can occasionally do something like test absinthe-flavoured e-cigs by knocking back a swig of absinthe at 3pm on a sunny weekday outside our local boozer. All in the name of REVIEWS!

At £14 each, Rhi and I wondered: Were Smoko's absinthe, roast chicken, chocolate and banana-flavoured e-cigs more novelty than nicotine hit? Wrap your smoke-hazed eyes around our video above. Note: A brief nap in a nearby park sorted my post-absinthe nauseous stomach out, before you kindly enquire about my health. [Smoko]


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