Sony Cheers Fans With "Free" PVR and Video Sharing Tools

By Gary Cutlack on at

The tedious black rectangular willy-waving contest between Sony and Microsoft continues, with Sony once again capitalising on Xbox One's perceived weaknesses. While MS requires a paid Gold subscription to capture and share footage on Xbox One, Sony's confirmed that PS4 lets you do all that for free.

This clarification came through Twitter, where Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, the tech giant's President of Worldwide Studios, briefly responded to fans querying Sony's stance on media capture and sharing. "No" Yoshida replied, when asked if sharing was limited to paid PlayStation Plus subscribers, followed by a equally brief response of "All" when asked the same question a bit differently.

This comes on the back of yesterday's mixed Xbox One revelations, where it was disclosed that it comes with a wired headset in the box (good), but that the enormous machine requires a huge separate electricity sub-station sized external power brick (bad).

So we make that about 112-106 to Sony in the boring next-gen console spec battle. Stay tuned for more exciting revelations about the future of gaming, like which machine has the longest power cord, most case screws and thickest rubber feet. [Kotaku]