Sony Xperia Z1 Display Units Photographed Once More, by a Good Camera in the Light

By Gary Cutlack on at

Like finding all your Christmas presents hidden under your mum and dad's bed in late November, the arrival of Sony's new Xperia Z1 has been similarly spoiled by a massive series of leaks. And here it is again, with dummy display units nicely photographed and giving us yet another look at this still unannounced new mobile.

The shots show what we've already seen, but a bit clearer. It's minimal, angular and rather sexy, although the first world problem of having to remove a cover from the USB socket to charge the thing might cause the odd frustrated sigh.

We've already banged endlessly on about the leaked tech specs of the Xperia Z1 here, and we should, hopefully, finally, eventually, see it properly announced next week at the IFA event. [Xperia Blog via Phandroid]