Sony's New Camera is Just a Lens; Your Phone Screen's the Display

By Gary Cutlack on at

Here's something, dare we say it, original. Some images have emerged of a "lens camera" planned by Sony, which sees an image sensor, Wi-Fi and/or NFC connection and SD card slot housed in a standalone lens case, which pops onto the back of another device.

There's no display or camera body, with the idea being you hook the lens thing onto something that already has a nice screen and use that as your viewfinder, channelling the images to a phone or tablet screen over Wi-Fi or NFC.

Camera news site Sony Alpha Rumours claims we'll see two models announced at September's IFA tech event, a high-end version featuring the same sensor as found in the Sony RX100M II camera, plus a lower-spec unit that uses a similar 18-Megapixel sensor to the one Sony puts in its WX150.

We also get to see the Lens Camera in use while attached to the forthcoming Sony Honami smartphone (inset), although, given you get all the chunkiness of a big camera with the inconvenience of having to attach it to a smartphone, we're not entirely convinced this is the future of mobile imaging. Clever, though. [Sony Alpha Rumours]