Syrian Electronic Army Bigs Itself Up Over CNN, Time and Washington Post Semi-Hack

By Gary Cutlack on at

The good old Syrian Electronic Army is back in town, with a new "hack" supposedly compromising the sites of Time, CNN and the Washington Post. All it really did was fish for logins and redirect an advertising plugin, but still. It's quite proud of the job.

The hack saw link-serving system Outbrain targeted by the fishing expedition, with the SEA sending official-looking emails to staff to try to tempt them into revealing usernames and passwords. Some idiot must've fallen for it too, as the Outbrain system -- which serves related posts and embedded links on sites -- soon began directing people to the SEA home page.

The end result being what looked like a hack of the high-profile news sites, but was in fact more of a case of a bit of guesswork and luck bagging a login to an advert frame. The SEA also released the above image on Twitter to celebrate the intrusion. It's not great at Photoshop, is it? [The Register]