Taiwanese Celeb Waving iPhone 5C Around Like it's Not a Secret Any More

By Gary Cutlack on at

The iPhone 5C, the plastic, moulded iPhone that's supposedly going to be Apple's (slightly) more affordable option, has been spotted again. But this isn't a factory leak or a spy shot, it's a man brazenly using it. And showing off about it on the internet, too.

The photo comes from a man who calls himself Dreamer Jimmy on social network Weibo, who's actually Taiwanese actor and pop star Jimmy Lin. In a brief post he stuck up a photo of him and his easily identifiable iPhone 5C backside, along with a second shot that placed the new budget-ish model alongside the current iPhone 5.

It's definitely a real thing and not a scam. Although we'd still like to see the front of it at some point to be sure. [GSM Arena]