The 10 Dumbest ATM PINs Are Even Dumber Than You'd Think

By Brian Barrett on at

In an age of mandatory password complexity and burgeoning biosensory protection, the idea of a four-number PIN for the cash machine seems almost quaint. That doesn't excuse the fact that the most popular PIN is still, yes, 1234. Come on, people.

The following list of most-used cash card PINs comes compliments of a company called DataGenetics, and it's a morbid look into humanity's uninventive soul. And yes, most-used also means easiest to crack. If you're currently employing one of these — or, worse yet, your birthday — please stop! Or don't, and let me borrow your debit card for an hour or two.

- 1234
- 1111
- 0000
- 1212
- 7777
- 1004
- 2000
- 4444
- 2222
- 6969

And just remember, next time you're in the queue next to some slowpoke at the cash machines, that there's a better than decent chance he's typing in 6969, giggling softly to himself as he awaits his crisp cash. [Time via Digg]

Image credit: PIN from Shutterstock