The English Defence League Gets KO'd By Anonymous

By Sam Gibbs on at

It looks like #OpEDL is still in full swing. Hackers affiliated with Anonymous have apparently taken out the English Defence League's site in revenge for what they saw as the EDL hijacking the public's disturbed and outraged reaction to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in South London in May.

The site was taken out on Tuesday by the hacktivists ZHC hailing from Pakistan, apparently with support from the wider Anonymous collective, releasing around 40 names and phone numbers of alleged EDL members while they were at it.

It's not clear if this new pastebin data dump is fresh, or whether it's rehashed from a previous skirmish. Either way, the EDL site is still down and the hacktivists are claiming victory, again. [Anonymous via The Register]

Image credit: Skull from Shutterstock