The iPhone 5C Looks Much More Scratch-Proof Than the iPhone 5

By Sam Gibbs on at

After seeing that shiny black plastic back shell the other day, which purported to be from the iPhone 5C, I was worried that it'd be a scratch-prone mess like the iPhone 3G and 3GS were before it. But a new video out of Taiwan seems to suggest it's pretty hardy, something akin to Samsung's plastic-backed Galaxy S III and S4.

The folks from Apple Daily put a leaked iPhone 5C back shell, supposedly taken directly from an Apple production line, up against the scourge of keys, screws, paper clips, and coins. According to the testers it stood up pretty well, showing no real signs of damage after the abuse. The video above gives you a quick taster, but there's a more thorough video over on Apple Daily.

Who knows whether the production phones will be quite so hardy, but here's hoping. A "cheap" iPhone hopefully isn't crappy. At least it looks like it stands up a lot better than the instantly-scratched-to-bits iPhone 5. That thing may look beautiful, but the black paint comes off if it touches basically anything. [Apple Daily via 9to5Mac]