The Origin and Power of Life Flows In This Ceiling

By Lily Newman on at

In ancient Greek lore, "arkhe" is the concept of origin and the forces underlying life. Standard philosophical themes to think about in a hair salon, right? Moriyuki Ochiai Architects designed this salon, ArKhe, in Chiba, Japan to channel water and remind people of the flow of life.

The ceiling is made of recyclable aluminium sheets and is meant to capture the movement and reflective qualities of water. And the aluminium sheets are easily detachable so they can be reordered, relocated or reinstalled without a lot of effort. The architects compare the pursuit of beauty that takes place in a hair salon with the origin of all beauty, which is maybe stretching it. A lot. But it's definitely a nicer place to get your hair cut than a dingy backstreet salon. [Spoon & Tamago]

The Origin And Power Of Life Flows In This Ceiling