The PS4 Is Officially Sold Out

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you hadn't gotten your pre-order in before Monday, I'm afraid you're unlikely to get your precious PS4 before launch, unless you queue up and try and buy one on the day. All PS4 pre-orders are officially sold out. Can you ever remember that happening before?

Amazon, Asda, and even Sony itself either say pre-orders can no longer be guaranteed or have stopped taking pre-orders altogether. That means either the PS4 has been selling like absolute gangbusters, or Sony just can't spit them out fast enough.

While early-adopters are likely to have already picked their side and plunked down their money, I just can't see Sony's entire production inventory being sold out, so I suspect it's the latter. Considering AMD's making all the chips for both the PS4 and the Xbox 360, maybe it's overstretched itself here? Who knows. Best get your tent ready for an overnight stay. Something tells me the queues are going to be massive. [Sony, CVG]