The PS4 Will Hit the UK on November 29th For £350

By Sam Gibbs on at

We finally have a date out of Sony, and before Microsoft's managed to push one out for the Xbox One too. PS4 fans will be able to get their grubby mitts on Sony's new hotness come November 29th, if you've pre-ordered it already or are willing to camp overnight to be first in-store, that is.

It'll set us back £350, which we already knew. Of course, that doesn't include the PS4 Eye, so that's another £50-odd. The bad news, for people keeping score at least, is that the US will get the PS4 a whole 14 days before us in the UK and Europe, which seems a little unfair to me.

Anyway, that's just the way it is. We still don't have an on-the-store-selves date for the Xbox One; just a vague November timeframe. Something tells me it'll be on or around the same time as the PS4. Either way, both consoles should be out before Christmas, so if you've got kids, you better get hunting one down, just in case we run into a Wii-style console shortage everywhere. Little Jimmy will be pretty distraught if he can't murder people in next-gen detail come December 25th, I'm sure. [TechRadar]