The Radio Times Gets Blocked in the UK By Big Media Gaff

By Sam Gibbs on at

If it wasn't bad enough that news sites like TorrentFreak are going to get a taste of the piracy ban-hammer, it seems the humble Radio Times has gotten a helping of the court-ordered ISP blockade, and completely by accident too. Nice one, big media.

You see, what's been feared might happen for a while with all these aggressive moves to block sites through court orders, which now include automated systems too, has finally occurred. The Radio Times was caught in the crossfire, as rights holders failed to confirm whether suspected infringing IP addresses really belonged to pirates like EZTV, and indiscriminately added the lists of addresses to the blockade.

Of all the sites to block, the Radio Times, which guides readers to decent, legitimately-consumable content really isn't the best. Although I personally haven't even seen a Radio Times magazine in the last five years, surely quite a few people still get it and hit the site. is apparently blocked on both Virgin Media and Sky-owned Be Broadband for now, and while it's probably not a massive deal, the fact that this can happen at all is really scary for the UK's internet freedom. Let's hope that law revision happens sooner rather than later. [PC Pro via TorrentFreak]