The World's First Lab-Grown Meat Burger Tastes Terrible (Surprise!)

By Eric Limer on at

The world's premier artificial, £215,000 lab-grown burger finally its way into human mouths today in London. Turns out it tastes pretty weird. Go figure.

BBC correspondent Pallab Ghosh was present at the meat's inaugural tasting event, and live-tweeted the tasters metered reaction to the lab-grown meat.

Apparently the appearance and texture are both pretty close, but the taste, the taste just isn't quite right. If lab-grown meat really is the future of the burger industry, it looks like it still has a long road ahead before it can climb out of the uncanny valley of almost-meat. In the meantime, questionable value menu meat is probably still the way to go. [Pallab Ghosh via Engadget]