These Assassin's Creed Live-Action Trailers Make Me Long For a Full Movie

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Assassin's Creed games have always been a favourite of mine, and I truly cannot wait to see how good they look on the Xbox One and PS4. But the live-action trailers that come with them have been some of the best in the business. They really deserve to be turned into a fully-fledged movie. Here's the latest for AC IV.

Apparently there is an Assassin's Creed movie in the works, or at least there have been a few preliminary efforts to get one produced, which have recently taken a turn for the better. It seems the guy who wrote The Wolverine is taking up the pen. Whether that's good or bad, I leave up to you.

What do you think of what we've seen of Assassin's Creed IV? Is Ubisoft onto another winner? It'll be interesting to see what they can do with the immense graphical power of the next-gen consoles. [YouTube via Kotaku]

Bonus: Here are the previous live-action trailers for Assassin's Creed III:

And the 35-minuteĀ Lineage series, which accompanied Assassin's Creed II: