These Coloured PS4 DualShock 4 Joypads Are Hideous

By Sam Gibbs on at

Black just not doing it for you? Good news, then. Sony's taken the wraps off its DualShock 4 colour variants and, well, they're not exactly lookers in my eyes. What's with the partial colouring? Two-tone with black just makes them look cheap and after-market.

Whether you like the black and red or black and blue colour schemes, you're bound to hate the poncey names: "Magma Read" and "Wave Blue". Delightful I'm sure. £54 to you and I, which seems a tad steep. Maybe your mates will just have to bring their own damn joypads. Four of the suckers will set you back practically half the value of the console.

What do you think? They've split opinion in the office; half of us love them, and the other half, including me, think they're hideous. Basically, they're like marmite, then. [Gaming-Age via TechRadar]