These Horrendously Life-Like Facial Animations Will Give You Nightmares

By Sam Gibbs on at

Computer graphics and animation technology are getting so good these days we're verging into the uncanny valley. The trouble is, that when they get too realistic, too natural, they end up looking absolutely terrifying.

The hauntingly-good animations above are made all the more creepier by the simple, tinkling soundtrack. Am I the only one who thinks they look like human clones that haven't quite matured? Original Judge Dredd-style?

Still, the technology and artistry behind them is impressive, and the whole art piece was created by artist Mike PelletierĀ in an open-source 3D rendering program called Makehuman, which allows you to change weight, age and a load of aspects of your virtual people with a slider. Something tells me a granny pulling these expressions would be even creepier. [Vimeo via Wired]