This £200 Solar Powered Ubuntu Laptop Lasts 10 Hours on 2 Hours of Sun

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Working with a computer outdoors can often mean you're at the mercy of your battery, but not if you have this Sol laptop, which can run for 10 hours on a single solar charge.
Designed for use in developing countries where electricity supply is erratic or non-existent, it's equipped with a fold out panel of solar cells which can soak up rays to power the device. According to Canadian company WeWi Telecommunications, the company behind the computer, the ten hour battery takes just two hours to charge in strong sun. Details on specs are rather limited, but we do know that it packs an Intel processor, WiFi, an HD display, Ubuntu OS and the option of a satellite module for internet access.

Ghana will be the first country to receive the hardware, before it rolls out around the rest of the world where it'll cost around £200. That's not particularly cheap in a developing-world context; but it will help humanitarians, aid workers and whatnot, to keep doing their work long after their battery usually died. [Sol via OMG!Ubuntu via Engadget]