This Amazing 3D Map Shows You Where Every London Tube Train Is In Real-Time

By Sam Gibbs on at

Have you ever wondered just how many Tube trains there are whizzing through the tunnels under London, or where they all are at any given moment? This absolutely stunning 3D map shows you where all the trains on all the lines of London Underground are in real-time. You can watch them trundle along complete with a train soundtrack. It's beautiful and almost hypnotic.

This fantastic visualisation was created by Bruno Imbrizi, a visual developer based in London, who took the wealth of public transport data that TfL's recently made available to the public and mashed it into what you see above. Technically it's only real-time from the moment you load it, as it's a prediction from TfL for the next 30 minutes of activity. But from the colours to the controls and even the tube-journey soundtrack, the whole thing is brilliant. In fact, I've just spent the best part of 30 minutes just listening to the soundtrack in the background -- I almost feel like I've travelled the length of the Jubilee Line.

Make sure you check out some of Bruno's other cool experiments while you're there. [Bruno Imbrizi via TNW]