This Concept Transforming Flat Is a Dozen Rooms at Once

By Eric Limer on at

Here at Gizmodo, we love us some transforming flats. On top of being space-efficient, they are just so damn cool. And this partially prototyped concept by students at TU Delft is no exception.

The "Pop-Up Interactive Apartment" is a 50 square metre space that's all one big room. At least when it comes to "rooms" in the traditional sense. This flat's trick is that it's full of a movable walls that pop up through slits in the floor. As these move from place to place (whether they are you-powered isn't exactly clear), they bend and fold, forming dozens of combinations of rooms and chairs and couches. It must have been ridiculously hard to design that floor.

The idea is to minimise the amount of unused space by making the rooms pop in and out of existence as they're needed, ceding valuable space to whatever "room" needs it. There are, of course, downsides. Those weird, backless wall-chair-things looks uncomfortable as hell. Also where's the kitchen? And the bathroom?

Still, the idea is pretty clever and the rendered footage of the place transforming is hypnotic. I'm not sure I'd want to live in one of those, but I sure would love to see one in person. [Designboom]

This Concept Transforming Apartment Is a Dozen Rooms at Once