This Game Lets You Shoot Your Twitter Followers (or Try Not to)

By Sam Gibbs on at

It's Friday lunchtime. It's muggy, it might be thundering overhead, and the last thing you want to do is work, right? Well, play thisĀ hilarious timewaster from the chaps over at Us Vs Th3m then. Just make sure you don't shoot the people you actually follow. Oh, and wear some headphones.

You've got two modes to choose from: "Wussy mode" where no one will be unfollowed if you manage to shoot someone you actually should know, and "Hardcode mode" where everyone you shoot that you actually follow gets unceremoniously ejected from your Twitter.

On my first round I managed to shoot just one of the people I follow, which I think is pretty good, but if you follow a lot of people, good luck remembering them all from their avatars. The really creepy 80s-synth-style soundtrack makes it all the more brilliant.

Post your scores below. Screenshot or it didn't happen. [Us Vs Th3m]