Here's How Those Massive, Disgusting Fatbergs Are Removed From Under London

By Sam Gibbs on at

Think your job sucks? Try being a sewer "flusher". Your job would be to maintain and manually clean the pipes from all the literal crap and fat that everyone flushes down the bog and the drain. It's the stuff we'd rather forget about, but unfortunately these poor chaps can't.

People like Rob Smith actually have to get down there, underneath London, to physically shovel the poop and congealed fat out of the way. For sure, that 15 tonne beast Thames Water found the other day would have taken a gargantuan effort, all done by hand like that.

The crazy thing is what people find down there. Apparently Smith found half a Mini, a live hand-grenade, and fatbergs as big as men. Well, you can cross that last one off the notable list then. Yuck. [YouTube via Jalopnik]