This is Why Google's Awesome: Google Maps Has the Best Dr Who Easter Egg Ever

By Sam Gibbs on at

Did you know the TARDIS was located on Earl's Court Road in London? No, neither did I. But Google spotted it, and seemingly drove its Street View car right on in there. Check out this wicked Easter egg and take a trip inside Dr Who's amazing time machine.

If you're a fan of the show, or a Brit in general, I guess, this is probably the coolest little toy Google's ever produced. And you totally wouldn't know it was there unless someone pointed it out to you. Imagine if no one found it?

Anyway, to check it out for yourself, head here and click the double arrows directly in front of the old school phone box. I had to switch back to the old Google maps, so you might have to too. Just chuck the link in an incognito tab and you'll be set if you can't get to it on the new beta. [Google via Jalopnik]