This Is Why You Shouldn't Get Tattoos In a Language You Don't Understand

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not sure why anyone who didn't speak, or could at least read, Cantonese or Mandarin would get Chinese characters permanently etched onto their bodies. I mean, they could say anything and you wouldn't have a freaking clue, just like these poor suckers. "Gross mistake" indeed.

ThisĀ little collection is just laughable. From the classics of symbols that are meant to mean "friendship" stamped on the back of a girl's neck, but in fact turn out to mean "ugly", to the joys of "place dog" instead of the names of a woman's two children, there's a veritable cornucopia of mistakes waiting to be laughed at.

Here's my favourite though:


The characters above are apparently the Chinese symbols for "serious error" or "gross mistake". It's just a pity that's not tattooed across her face or something, rather than her shoulder. Classic. If only I was a tattoo artist. You could have so much fun with these.

Hit the whole collection over at Hanzi Smatter's site. [Hanzi Smatter via Twitter via Laughing Squid]

Image credit: Tattoo from Shutterstock