This Levitating Matchstick Trick Is a Great Excuse to Play With Fire

By Eric Limer on at

Need an excuse to go play with matches? Too bad, you're getting one anyway. Turns out if you place a couple matches up against each other just right and then light them on fire (duh), you can actually perform a crazy little levitation trick!

Grant Thomspon pitches it like a clever, unloseable bar bet—and we already know a bit about those. But in addition to being a trick this is just awesome. The real hard part though is balancing the matchsticks. I just tried; it's infuriating.

But if you can get things up and get the fire blazing, the matchsticks really do contort and levitate in a way that seems almost magical at first glance. Maybe putting £20 under there isn't the best idea ever, but if nothing else it's an excuse to get your friends to show you were the matches are.