This Site Tells You What Beer to Have With Your Meal

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've all been there. You're having a rib-eye steak with herby butter sauce and you just don't know which beer to have with it. Sure you could have a Guinness, or maybe a London Pride, but really, what you need is a Carling Zest or a Desperados, which will apparently match your steak beautifully. If you didn't know that, you need

In fact, if you put in a beer it'll tell you what food to make to go with it, which is probably the way I'm going to go about doing things. Booze first, food an afterthought, obviously.

That's not all Let There Be Beer will help you out with either. It's got a whole selection of beer suggestions, including a "beer of the week", next time you're pondering what to sink a few of. There's even a whole collection of beer-suitable recipes covering anything from cheese to roasts to whet your appetite. Now I'm both hungry and craving a pint of Meantime.

What's your favourite beer of the moment? [Let There Be Beer via Telegraph]

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